Geriatric Care

Sahajeevanam extends care to those affected by terminal illness, like Cancer, CVA paralysis, Old age related problems etc. which are not able to care such people well because of busy life and lack of experience in the field. The experienced member of the organization reaches out these people with medical management and nursing care. The Geriatric Care Provider of sahajeevanam who have a long term experience in geriatric care, take up the responsibility of monitoring such services.

Admission for:

  1. Dementia patients 
  2. Ca patients
  3. Kidney patients 
  4. Old age and bedridden 
  5. Paraplegea/Quadry plegea
  6. Patients feeding with ryles tube. 
  7. CVA patients

What we do is...

  • Sahajeevanam offers quality Geriatric Care for the patients who are suffering with chronically ill in old age and other common geriatric problems
  • Quality care from Trained caretakers
  •  24 hours nursing care
  • No need of bystanders
  • Special medical management for needy patients
  • Special care of a palliative care trained nurse 
  • 24 hours attention of trained Care takers
  • Doctor's service in regular intervals
  • HR service for Hospitalisation
  • 100% vegetarian food

Note that we discourage admission of healthy old age is a centre, exclusively for old age people who need support in day to day life.. 

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