Palliative Care

This unit is managed by volunteers who are experienced in giving care to those who are completely bedridden, need full time care at home. Nursing care, follow up instructions, and essential medicines are made available to them. Twice a month the services of doctors are given to them if necessary.

Palliative Care Programme

  1. We provide quality home care service through our palliative care team for terminally illed.
  2. We have three home care in a week:-- Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday.
  3. The team including a specially trained palliative care nurse and 2-3 volunteers spends about one hour with patient with the concern and compassion.
  4. Palliative care trained Doctor's home visit twice in a month

Street Palliative Care

The service is two days in a month.

It is an activity of the Palliative care nurse and the volunteers to found the infirm, and bathe them, cure their wounds, to feed them, and to bring them back where they are taking shelter. 

Sahajeevanam is the first NGO in Kerala, providing palliative care  for the street wanderers.

Students Initiative in Palliative Care (SIP)

  • Every week two students from Mercy College Palakkad accompany the Palliative care team.
  • They care the patients with concern listening them with patience
  • Students initiate to take part in street Palliative care also

Other Features:

  • Frequent Training programmes for new volunteers
  • Refreshment programs for existing volunteers
  • Rehabilitation programmes for patients and their families
  • Awareness programmes for students
  • Awareness programmes for residential colonies and apartments

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