Health Care Programs

1. Geriatric Care Centre:- Sahajeevanam extends care to those affected by terminal illness, like Cancer, CVA paralysis, Old age related problems etc. which are not able to care such people well because of busy life and lack of experience in the field. The experienced member of the organization reaches out these people with medical management and nursing care. The Geriatric Care Provider of sahajeevanam who have a long term experience in geriatric care, take up the responsibility of monitoring such services.

2. Palliative care Unit :- This unit is managed by volunteers who are experienced in giving care to those who are completely bedridden/need full time care at home. Nursing care, follow up instructions, and essential medicines are made available to them. Once a month the services of doctors are given to them if necessary.

3. Community Based Comprehensive Geriatric Care :- The participation of the community in such activity is an essential element of such services. There for such services are also focused in Residential Colonies, Apartment Complexes, and Municipal / Panchayath wards. Monthly medical checkup for detecting problems of lifestyle diseases and comprehensive Old Age Nursing Care are the specialties of Sahajeevanam. 

In the first phase, a screening is conducted for the residents for BP, Sugar Level, History of Present illnesses etc and Prepare a Health Diary with details. Every month, in a specific day a follow up of health checkups will be done to update this diary


  1. Health Corner Team : A general practitioner, Geriatric Care/Palliative Care Nurse, Geriatric Social Worker
  2. Service in Hospitals : A contract will be signed with hospitals to get them the services of hospitals of their choice.
  3. Monthly Detailed Health Check up, on call labs are make available testing samples of urine blood etc.
  4. Nursing Care :
    a) Mobile Geriatric/Palliative Care at necessary intervals  
    b) Full time/part time Care Provider as per need
    c) Full time / part time Community Nurse as per need
    d) Full time / part time Expert Nurse as per need.
    e) Assisted services for going to the hospital or personal tours accompanied by Geriatric Care taker.
  5. Physiotherapy Service : Help of a trained Physiotherapist
  6. Geriatric Dentistry : Services of a Dental Surgeon as Home Care
  7. Dementia/Alzheimer’s: Special care for the people affected Dementia.
  8. Home based Rehabilitation & Therapy programmes for 4/5 days by the Home Care Team.
  9. First Aid Kit; Keeping a first Aid kit in every Home and giving the members of the family having in using them properly.
  10. Medicines at door step : Required medicines delivered at Home *
  11. Community Oncology: To detect Cancer an early stage through Health Corner.
  12. Seminars and Awareness programmes once in 3months lead by experts.
  13. 24x7 Geriatric Helpline for registered patients.

Future Programmes

  • Hospice centre for Palliative care
  • Spinal injury Rehabilitation Centre.
  • Self sustainable Geriatric Village

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